Roswell Is Real

 Roswell Is Real
 Roswell Is Real

I have a contact with inside information, a member of a U.S three letter agency.
I’ll give you plenty to think about in following articles, but first, the basic plot.

According To A Document Released Under The Freedom Of Information Act.
U.S Government Scientists Studied Roswell Crash Debris!

The US Army did seal off the area.
• Debris was found.
• A statement was made by the US Army saying a UFO had crashed.
• The debris was removed, never to be seen by the public again.
• Live and dead Aliens were seen by many witnesses.
• Human technology made a giant leap forward in that same year in many different fields.
All that, we know, yet the US government continually denies that anything untoward happened.

Greys From Roswell Roswell Is Real

Aliens Were Found At The Scene - Two Were Dead, One Was Shot And The Third Worked With The US Scientists

OK, let’s accept that.
Nothing Happened At Roswell.
That’s OK then.
One question though remains unanswered.
Why are these events still, after over 50 years, the subject of the most stringent governmental security and classification? How do you give the highest security classification imaginable to something that didn’t happen? They say something did crash, a weather balloon.
Same question.
How can a weather balloon be secret 62 years after it crashed
Maybe it contained a global warming virus?

What really happened at Roswell, New Mexico – July 1947?
And something really did happen.

The cover-up started with authorities at Roswell Army Air Field and reported wreckage having been discovered on a local ranch.
The Contradictory Press Conferences Sheriff George Wilcox contacted the military
The area was sealed off by the military and on July 8, 1947, Colonel William Blanchard, Commander of the 509th Bomber Group, stationed at the base, issued an official press release stating that the wreckage of a “crashed disk” had been recovered.
The press release was transmitted over the wire services in time to make headlines in over thirty U.S. afternoon newspapers that same day.
However, within hours, a second press release was issued from the office of Brigadier General Roger Ramey, Commander of the Eighth Air Force at Fort Worth Army Air Field in Texas, 400 miles from the crash site.
This second press release cancelled the first one and claimed that Colonel Blanchard and the officers of the 509th Bomb Group at Roswell had made an unbelievably foolish mistake and somehow incorrectly identified “a weather balloon and its radar reflector” as the wreckage of a “crashed disk.
“Eighth Air Force Commander Brigadier General Roger Ramey, acting under orders from General Clements McMullen at the Pentagon, concocted the weather balloon story.
It was to “put out the fire,” in the words of retired Brigadier General Thomas DuBose, who in July 1947 was serving as adjutant to Ramey’s staff.
The actual material, all who saw it agreed, could not possibly have come from a balloon.
A ridiculous cover up considering that 60 years on it now appears that there is tangible evidence that there was a crash and it did have victims of Major Jesse Marcel was an Army Air Force intelligence officer stationed at Roswell.
Bearing in mind the “bendy” material being developed today, he wrote half a century ago: “We found all kinds of stuff.
“Small beams about 3/8 or a half-inch square with some sort of hieroglyphics on them that nobody could decipher.
These looked something like balsa wood and were of about the same weight, although flexible, and would not burn.
There was a great deal of an unusual parchment-like substance which was brown in colour and extremely strong, and a great number of small pieces of a metal like tin foil, except that it wasn’t tin foil.
The stuff we have reverse engineered into Graphene!
The parchment writing had little numbers and symbols that we had to call hieroglyphics because I could not understand them.
They were pink and purple.
They looked like they were painted on.
These little numbers could not be broken, could not be burned, and wouldn’t even smoke.
The metallic material not only looked but acted strange.
It had memory.
No matter how it was twisted or balled up, it would return to its original shape, with no wrinkles.
One woman who saw a rolled-up piece tossed onto a table watched in astonishment as it unfolded itself until it was as flat, and as wrinkle-free, as the table top.
When an acetylene torch was turned on samples of the material, they barely got warm and could be safely handled a moment or two later.
“The (Roswell UFO) material was secretly flown out of Eighth Army Headquarters in Fort Worth, Texas, to Wright Field, later Wright-Patterson AFB, in Dayton, Ohio.
At Wright Field, according to an officer who was there, Lt. Col. Arthur Exon (who would become commander of the base in the mid-1960s), it underwent analysis in the Air Force’s material evaluation laboratories.
He said, “Some of it was “very thin but awfully strong and couldn’t be dented with heavy hammers.
It had [the scientists] pretty puzzled.
The overall consensus was that the pieces were from space.”

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